Nanit's baby monitor offers wearable-free sleep tracking

It's described as the 'Tesla of baby monitors.'

A company that's describing itself as the "Tesla of baby monitors" has produced a device that it says is the best way to watch your munchkins at night. Nanit (geddit?) stands over your baby's crib like a shower head, with a night vision camera and motion sensor aimed towards the mattress. Should it detect any noise or movement, your smartphone will get a ping, enabling you to watch the action as it unfolds. That way, parents in another room avoid the vagaries of simply listening out for signs of distress.

It's not just for those hours when baby's in bed and you're still up, since the device can also offer sensor-free sleep tracking. It's not clear how it's achieving that, unless it's monitoring subtle changes in sound and movement and filling in the blanks. The unit also has a gentle night light, nature soundtracks, can produce white noise and has built-in temperature and humidity sensors.

Even better, is that this isn't some crowdfunding fever dream like so many products that come across our desks these days. The company has already completed work on the hardware and expects to begin shipping to pre-order customers this September. Unfortunately, such magical technology doesn't come cheap, and the base model will set you back $349 (although it's currently discounted). Should you want to get the smarter options, like sleep tracking and video history, you'll have to cough up a little more -- with an unlimited option available for $459 right now, but a whopping $649 when it goes on sale.