Talkatone App Solves Your Phone Problems

If you've ever been abroad and have been unable to use your phone, you have probably been frustrated; if you are in an area with limited cellular data coverage and cannot get your phone to work, you are probably pretty irritated; if you are dealing with exorbitant roaming charges, you are probably angry. If you could have an app that eliminated all of this and gave you even more, your frustration, irritation and anger would likely be eliminated, too. This is what the Talkatone App (part of Ooma) will do for you.

In a nutshell, Talkatone will turn any recent iOS or Android mobile device into a phone, allowing the user to call and text to anyone, anywhere in the world, by using either a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Best of all, most Talkatone users never pay a dime.

Features of Talkatone

While lots of people are familiar with other calling and texting apps, Talkatone is a bit different. Here are some features that will probably make it more attractive:

  • Users are given 60 minutes free outbound calling each month. Free outbound calling is available to U.S. and Canadian phone numbers, including landlines. If a user runs out of minutes, s/he can purchase more at a reasonable cost or earn more by completing free offers in the app.

  • There is no charge for inbound or outbound texts, including group texts and picture messages, and there is never a charge for toll-free or inbound calls. (Note: You cannot use Talkatone for 9-1-1 calls)

  • Universal SMS and MMS (including group chat w/ multimedia) supports all major U.S. phone carriers. Use the Talkatone app to picture text and group chat with both Talkatone users as well as non-Talkatone users on major U.S. carriers.

  • Users get a local U.S. phone number for free. They can use their "second" number as a second phone line to separate work and personal calling or even for something simple like selling items on Craigslist, eBay, etc.

  • International calls are cheap

  • Users receive unlimited calls and texts with other Talkatone app users. Given that the app is free, it should be easy to get friends and family to download it. And, unlike other apps like Skype, the person who is called or texted does not have to have the app.

  • Traveling overseas with the app on a mobile device allows calling and texting on WiFi without paying expensive roaming charges. And if you are calling or texting back to the U.S. or Canada, it's free.

Charges and Fees

If a user runs out of free outbound minutes in a given month, additional minutes can be purchased at $0.99 for 60 domestic outbound minutes. Alternatively, users can easily earn extra outbound calling minutes by completing free offers in the app.

International calling to more than 60 countries is also available at very competitive rates.

About the Ads

The app uses an ad-supported model, meaning you will see small banner ads at the bottom of the screen. For a one-time $9.99 fee, the user can disable ads throughout the app.

Clarity Issues

Originally, calls were not completely clear, and some users complained about hearing some static noise. This has since been improved, and current versions have enhanced audio compression and redundancy, thus improving the quality of voice calls and reducing background noise.

Useful for Deadzones/Trips Abroad

Using Talkatone eliminates the issues of deadzones, of course, but it can be especially handy for trips abroad. Rather than use a cell phone, with iffy coverage, or pay exorbitant roaming fees while abroad, calls and texts can be made for free using any available Wi-Fi network.

The Most Popular Mobile Devices

Talkatone works on all recent iOS and Android phones and tablets as well as on iPod Touch devices.

Comments From Users has comments from actual users of the Talkatone app. Here is what they like about it:

  • It has a very simple user interface and yet that interface is packed with features

  • Good call quality, although some stated that the quality can vary depending on the strength of the WiFi in various locations

  • Easy to set up

  • Even works with portable media players that are Android based.

The Future

Mobile devices have now surpassed the use of PC's and laptops, and new devices will continue to proliferate. While cell phones are certainly here to stay, apps that can perform some of their key calling and texting functions, such as Talkatone, will continue to develop and improve. So, if you're looking for a free or very low cost option for calling and texting, Talkatone is a great choice.