Disney app will narrate 'Finding Dory' for blind theatergoers

The app will listen to the theater's audio and insert narration in between dialogues.

Disney's Movies Anywhere app caters mostly to viewers at home, but it has now become especially useful to visually impaired Nemo fans who want to enjoy its sequel in the theaters. The House of Mouse has updated the iOS app to listen to Finding Dory in the cinema, so it can narrate what's happening on screen and provide detailed descriptions of each scene in between dialogues. All users need to do is to pop in a pair of earbuds and fire up the application.

The company introduced audio descriptions for viewers at home a few months ago -- this is the first time it's making it to theaters, and we sure hope it won't be the last. However, the feature's only available in the US, and based on Disney's info, only for iOS users. Folks in the US who have an iDevice running iOS 7, though, can access the capability in any theater nationwide.