Microsoft Groove builds smart music playlists around your tastes

Your Groove is a direct answer to Spotify's Discover Weekly.

Smart music discovery playlists are all the rage right now (just ask Spotify), and Microsoft knows it. It recently introduced a Your Groove feature to Groove Music that automatically creates playlists suited to your taste. It'll generate track listings for your existing OneDrive music collection based on your listening habits, moods and artist activity, so you can revisit a favorite band when it's on tour. However, the real party starts when you have a Music Pass -- Groove will throw new songs into the playlists to expand your horizons.

Microsoft is quick to warn that it's still early days for Your Groove. There are already interface tweaks in the works, and it wants your feedback to fine-tune the experience. Even so, it's an important update if you're all-in on Groove and want to either rediscover your library or venture beyond familiar territory.