Waze will help you avoid difficult intersections

The app will avoid adding busy intersections to your route as much as possible.

You know those intersections with no traffic lights and everyone's trying to cross at the same time? Waze calls them "difficult intersections," and the navigation app will help you avoid them altogether, so long as you're in Los Angeles. The app now calculates the best possible route and ETA with as few of them as possible. It could bypass them entirely if there's route that allows you to do that. But if avoiding them will make your commute unbearably long, then Waze could still send you through a few. As the app's announcement post said "The goal of the feature is to reduce the amount of these intersections, not completely eliminate them."

While the feature is only available in Los Angeles for now, it will soon roll out in New Orleans and will eventually be available around the world. Take note that if you're in LA, Waze automatically switched on for you. In case it's not working out, you can always switch it off under Settings.