'Football Fan Shirt' uses haptics to help you feel the big match

Just in time for Euro 2016.

If you're already a huge fan of football (aka soccer) and wish you could feel those sweet victories and bitter defeats, Wearable Experiments thinks it can help. Just in time for the Euro 2016 tournament, it's showing off an international version of its smartphone-connected Football Fan Shirt that sends haptic vibrations to your torso whenever there's a big play by a team you follow. You'll savor goals that much more, of course, but the clothing can also register everything from tackles to the dreaded red card.

There's no mention of how readily available the shirt will be or how much it'll cost if it goes on sale. However, it's reasonable to say that this is more of a special occasion wearable than something you'd want to wear around town -- you probably don't want to explain why you're vibrating when you're getting a drink with friends.