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Google Prompt streamlines two-step verification

And it now comes standard for Android users.


It seems like not a week goes by without news of a major password hack, and the subsequent reminders to turn on two-factor verification for all of your devices and services. So, to make the process that much simpler on your end (but not any potential hacker's end, hopefully) Google has announced a streamlined method for approving sign-in requests. Google Prompt, as 9to5Google is calling the service, allows you to approve these requests with a simple yes or no pop-up, rather than receiving a confirmation email, text or setting up a separate security key.

The setup is simple: when logging into gmail or other Google apps product, a Google Prompt notification on your phone will ask you to approve or deny the login request, along with information about the profile, location and device you're trying to log in from. Making things even easier: the new feature is actually baked into Android using Google Play services, users only need to update to the latest version to get it. On iOS, users will need to have the Google Search app installed.

Users can enable the new feature on Google's My Account page and the older methods are still available, if that's your preference.