Microsoft helps you create links to your phone apps

Its uLink experiment helps find content in apps where there's no handy bookmark.

You know the problem -- you want to go back to something you saw in a mobile app, but you either forgot to save your place or couldn't save it at all. What to do? If Microsoft Research has its way, you'll never be left scrambling again. Its uLink experiment creates links to mobile app pages on the fly, helping you find that hotel listing without having to re-do all the steps you took to see it. It's a bit like Google's deep app linking without the need to go online.

Don't expect to see uLink everywhere in the near future. Microsoft has only shown it running in Android so far, and the current implementation is fairly basic (you shake your phone to add bookmarks and visit a simple app to see them). Regardless, it's easy to see a future where you can always revisit specific spots in your favorite apps.