Stave off creepy texting partners with Burner's Ghostbot

Tinder match can't get the hint? Deploy Ghostbot to make a graceful exit.

If you've ever unwittingly received harassing texts or annoying messages from someone who got hold of your number somehow, you've probably made friends with your phone's block feature. If not, because you don't want to be rude, you've put together a series of noncommittal replies to stop those conversations dead in their tracks. Thanks to Burner, the app that lets you create and destroy phone numbers at your leisure, you won't have to pay them any mind ever again. Meet Ghostbot, the bot that'll blow those pesky texters off for you.

Ghostbot is a special bot that you can assign to any active Burner. It's as simple as creating a number using the app, then activating Ghostbot to interact with that skeevy match from Tinder or that coworker who just can't take a hint. For instance, a message asking if you want to "hang out" might receive a response like "I'm pretty busy but I'll get back to you." Nothing rude, but direct enough to communicate the fact that you just aren't interested. These canned responses are sent after Ghostbot analyzes the texts sent to you via your Burner number, with appropriate ones sent as replies.

Burner is serving up Ghostbot as proof of what developers can accomplish with its Developer Connection platform, which allows anyone to create their own extensions on top of the Burner service. Ghostbot is an interesting creation as-is, however, and surely a useful tool for anyone who's ever had trouble figuring out how to exit gracefully from a conversation they just weren't digging.