American Express teams up with Facebook to offer Amex Bot

If you're one to rely on Facebook chat bots for updates, this might be right up your alley.

If you're an avid Facebook user and American Express customer, you might want to pay attention. American Express has announced Amex Bot, the product of a collaboration with Facebook to offer its card members special ways to keep up with their finances and purchases.

The Amex Bot, as it's called, will allow American Express cardholders to receive real-time notifications about their balances, card benefits and services related to recent purchases and more. All of these notifications will come down via Facebook Messenger, allowing for real-time information to pass through with helpful information.

These messages could include special restaurant recommendations paired with a hotel reservation, how to access special Centurion Lounge privileges or a number of various other bits of information to ensure customers get the most they can out of being American Express cardholders.

The Amex Bot is expected to launch in the next few months for eligible U.S. Consumer and OPEN customers who opt-in to give it a try.