Facebook Live will be able to stream Masquerade face swaps

It will also allow broadcasters to go live together.

Facebook Live is rolling out a handful of nice update these coming weeks, starting with the ability to broadcast straight from MSQRD (Masquerade). Fidji Simo, the social network's director of product, has announced at VidCon that you'll be able to choose the audience you want to show your face-swapping shenanigans to within the app itself. For instance, you could only make a video visible to close friends rather than to everyone. You'll also be able to choose your first mask before going live and to keep changing it throughout the show.

MSQRD, if you're not familiar, is a Snapchat-like video app with live filters that the social network snapped up in March after face-swapping skyrocketed in popularity. Simo said iOS users around the globe will be able to take advantage of Facebook Live integration these next few weeks. Unfortunately, he didn't say when the feature will come out for Android users.

Simo has also revealed that viewers will be able to join a broadcast that's already airing, so you can go live with friends or fans to host talk shows, debates and discussions. Finally, when you schedule a video, viewers will be given the choice to be notified when it starts airing or to join a lobby where they can chat with other fans. The bad news is that only Verified Pages will get both these features in the near future, though Facebook plans to eventually make them widely available.