How Ecwid Is Automating Ecommerce

As more people forgo in-store shopping in exchange for online purchases, the ecommerce realm is a competitive space, chock full of companies vying for their place in the market. Mobile continues to be a huge force in not just viewing, but purchasing, as well. Traditional websites and shopping carts are becoming outdated. People are using computers less and smartphones more and online retailers have to recognize that their customers are on their phones and ready to spend money. While options like Shopify and even plugins like WooCommerce are doing just fine, one company continues to surge forward, staying in stride with an ever changing market, and even innovating in places. SaaS ecommerce company, Ecwid, who recently exceeded one million stores in more than 175 countries worldwide, is a leader in online shopping and continues to find its way into new and existing websites.

There are certainly multiple reasons for this, but one thing to recognize is how Ecwid separates itself from options like Shopify. On the surface they look similar, both offer ecommerce solutions, but that's basically where the similarities end. Unlike Shopify, Ecwid can be implemented into any existing website, a great relief for those with an already established online presence who want to make the pilgrimage into online sales. This is because Ecwid isn't necessarily platform, but a widget (Ecwid stands for Ecommerce Widget) that can be implemented into most websites and even social spaces like Facebook. With a free offering that allows up to ten items, websites on the fence about jumping into online sales can test the waters without investing a lot of time, money, and effort; great for SMBs who typically have a smaller budget and workforce. With its full responsiveness, Ecwid will look great on any screen, but what else can you do to really set yourself apart from the competition?

In places like Asia where smartphone usage far exceeds computer usage, your shop needs to look and act amazing regardless of the device it's being accessed from. Responsive plugins and websites are a great first step, but shops can take it even further with the use of a dedicated app. App development can be a costly process, but there have been great advancements in the last couple of years and what once was an in-depth, costly endeavour can now be created with the right tools rather easily. One of these tools is ShopApp. ShopApp allows store owners to quickly and easily make native ecommerce apps for both Android and iOS. Available for the Ecwid users, ShopApp puts your store directly on customers' phones and keeps you fresh in their minds every time they are on their phone. As an added bonus, ShopApp will auto publish your store's app to both Google Play and the Apple App Store, giving you time to focus on what's important — your business.

If you have a brick and mortar or are simply looking to start fresh online, using a service that can cover the whole spectrum will make your experience easier, and in the long run, more successful. Being able to be everywhere your customers are, social media, web, and mobile will be your greatest asset on the road to a prosperous business venture. While there are multiple options available to choose from, and it can be overwhelming, Ecwid is continuing to prove that it understands where ecommerce is heading and with a toolbox full of apps and plugins available to bolster the core service, Ecwid is a main contender in the battle for best ecommerce solution.