Google's virtual reality field trips are available to everyone

Students can also use Google Cast to share their screens across the classroom.

Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Have you been slightly envious of kids going on Google's virtual reality field trips? Don't be. As part of a broader educational push, Google is making the necessary Expeditions app available to everyone. So long as you have an Android device (iOS is coming soon), you too can pay a VR visit to the Great Barrier Reef and other wonders of the world. You don't need Cardboard or another VR viewer to make it work, but this might give you an incentive to get one.

The search firm is also putting its streaming technology to work in schools. It's introducing a Google Cast for Education app for Chrome that lets both teachers and students share their screens. You might not use it yourself, but it'll be a big help for classes full of Chromebooks -- students won't have to walk over to the projector just to share a project.