Shoot actual fire from your eyes with this 'Cyclops' helmet

Possibly the most ill-advised maker project ever.

There are good and bad ideas in the DIY annals, then there's this X-Men inspired helmet that lets lets you shoot flames from your eyes. Developed by YouTube user "Sufficiently Advanced," the "Cyclops Visor" is simply a welding helmet with a fuel tank, pump, nozzles and pilot lights. When activated by a switch on the side, it shoots a jet of flames mixed with fuel a distance of around ten feet. As demonstrated in the video (below), that makes the wearer just like Cyclops from X-Men, if that superhero couldn't see at all and was only a danger to himself.

Yes, as Sploid points out, this is not the safest project of all time, with multiple risks coming from dripping accelerant, the potentially exploding fuel tank and a near total lack of outward vision. The danger is made more real by the fact that the "weapon" is attached to your face, giving you around zero margin for error if things get explodey.

We hope this project doesn't inspire any kids fascinated by fire and flamethrowers (like I was). The creator should maybe stick to safer and more clever superhero projects, like the Thor "Mjolner" hammer he built that only he can pick up, thanks to a strong electromagnet and fingerprint sensor. The only potential danger with that one is a hernia.