Facebook add-ons save and share stories in Chrome

The social network is also revamping the look of its signature Like button.

Facebook's save-for-later feature just got much quicker if you're a Chrome fan. The social network is releasing a Save to Facebook extension for Google's web browser that lets you preserve that news story or recipe for posterity. There's a Share to Facebook add-on, too, so you don't have to copy-and-paste outside links. Both should be available in the Chrome Web Store today.

Also, don't be surprised if Facebook's seemingly ubiquitous Like button looks different. The company is ditching the old "F" button in favor of one with the signature thumbs-up icon -- apparently, a 6 percent improvement in engagement was all it took to make the switch. You should notice other buttons (like Save or Share) getting a flatter, more consistent look. You'll see Like, Comment and Share buttons appear below some Instant Articles as well. These are all minor touches, of course, but they'll add up if you routinely share your tastes with your Facebook friends.