Nest seems to be working on a 'smart crib' loaded with sensors

The company has filed a patent for a connected cradle that could monitor a baby's patterns and movements.

The hyper-connected home of the future will come with an equally connected nursery. Nest, the company widely known for its WiFi enabled energy-saving thermostat and smart smoke alarm system, has filed a patent for a baby crib that could be "embedded with smart sensors". According to the patent application, Nest's potential crib would do away with some of the paraphernalia that comes with a baby's bed. So instead of buying separate monitors, the crib would be loaded with cameras, microphones, a communication device and sensors to track the baby's movements and even detect "a deviation from the pattern of behavior."

The connected device maker that was acquired by Google (now Alphabet) a couple of years ago has stayed focused on creating a seamless communication between personal devices and home security gadgets. Given Nest's existing catalogue of smart home products, a "smart crib" seems to fit right into the scheme of interconnected things.