Six technologies changing the future of food

Seaweed-based packaging could replace plastic containers.

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Six technologies changing the future of food

By Cat DiStasio

Food production, processing and transportation account for a tremendous amount of greenhouse gas emissions, and enormous amounts of food are wasted each year in some parts of the world while other regions suffer from shortages. Fortunately, agricultural engineers and scientists are working hard to increase food production, create cleaner agricultural processes and develop greener packaging. With technological advancements, it may be possible to sharply reduce carbon emissions from the agriculture and food industries while simultaneously addressing food supply issues.

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  • Vertical indoor farms create local produce
  • 3D food printing cuts down on labor
  • Grow your own space garden
  • Truly biodegradable packaging made from seaweed
  • Lab-grown meat saves land and water
  • More productive crops fight world hunger
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