Google offers four free months of Play Music for July 4th

Party tunes sorted.

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Google Play Music is a competent streaming service, but it's always sat in the shadow of larger, more aggressive competitors such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. Google has tried everything to make it more popular -- the occasional exclusive, free trials with Chromecast devices -- heck, it's even free with YouTube Red now. To celebrate July 4th in the US, the company has a new deal -- four months of free music streaming, no questions asked. Or rather, almost no questions asked. As MacRumors notes, you'll need to be in the US and a first-time Play Music listener.

Will this push the needle for Google and its streaming service? Probably not. The offer is only running this weekend, after all. But if you're throwing a party on Independence Day and need some tunes to keep everyone entertained, this seems an easy and wallet-friendly way to do it.

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