'Fruit Ninja VR' is now available for the HTC Vive

Keep slashing, you crazy fruit-loving shinobi.

Fruit Ninja on mobile is fun, but we're sure some of you would prefer slashing oranges, apples and watermelons like you would a real sword katana. We hope you have an HTC Vive then, because the virtual reality version of the fruit-slicing game is now out on Steam for the headset. The VR version transforms Vive controllers into traditional Japanese swords in game, which you can use to show a bunch of succulent fruits who's boss.

Since it's still in early access until October, the game isn't 100 percent complete just yet, and you might experience some glitches that could take you out of the zone. If you don't mind that, though, you can buy it for 20 percent off from the store for a limited time. The creators' website says they'll also be releasing Fruit Ninja VR for the Oculus Rift, so you'll still get a chance to play even if the Vive isn't your VR headset of choice.