Instagram adds tools to block your sweary mouth

The Facebook-owned photo sharing network is giving business profile owners tools to block specific words.

Instagram is giving business users new tools to help moderate comments on posts automatically, thereby cutting down on the amount of amount of spam and abuse in the comments. The company confirmed to TechCrunch that the new features are already rolling out, but average joes don't get access to the same options; it's only for business pages for now.

It's a move that comes following an expansion of its video channels and will undoubtedly help companies rid their Instagram presence of offensive language and insults. Nonetheless, it's still a rather blunt approach; blocking by keywords reported as offensive across the whole network will probably result in some false positives.

The simple on/off switch gives brands a straightforward way to build a presence in a much cleaner space, rather than a cesspit of insults and racial slurs, which is never a good look for any company. Whether or not the we'll see the same feature cross over to its more than 500 million regular users remains to be seen, but it would be damn handy if it did.