PlayStation exec Adam Boyes says he's leaving Sony

As VP of Third Party Relations, he's overseen a slew of indie releases on PS4 and Vita.

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Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Sony Computer Entertainment America, LLC
Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Sony Computer Entertainment America, LLC

Lately, Sony's gaming platforms have enjoyed a ton of support from third party developers big and small, but now one of the people in charge of those relationships is leaving the company. Adam Boyes announced in a series of tweets (and on the PlayStation Blogcast) that he's going back "to the world of game development" that he left in 2012 to become the PlayStation brand's VP of Publisher & Developer Relations. Recently his job as involved bringing game experiences to PlayStation VR, but Boyes has also connected projects like the Grim Fandango remaster and No Man's Sky.

Recently another name connected to Sony's indie game outreach also left the company, as account manager and former 1UP editor Nick Suttner announced his departure last week. There's no specific word on a next move for either, although the moves come at an interesting time, as Sony reorganizes its internal units, and Microsoft turns up the competition with moves like linking game releases across Xbox and PC. Still, we'd expect the game releases to continue rolling, in fact the team behind No Man's Sky announced today that the game has gone gold.
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