Apple's app development course to be hosted in Italy

Prospective students will learn about coding and other facets of apps at the Università di Napoli Federico II.

If you're looking to get engaged with app development with Apple and you live in Italy, you'll soon be able to head down to the Università di Napoli Federico II, or what will be known as the new European iOS App Development Center.

Apple first announced plans to launch the development center without a school in mind to partner with for the special curriculum, but today the Università di Napoli Federico II has been confirmed to be playing host to the course.

The first semester will find students concentrating on software development for iOS and the second half will go in-depth on startups and app design, with partners around Italy delivering the content.

Best of all, the program is free to students in Italy and Europe who happen to pass an entry test and interview. For everyone else, there are some scholarships available to cover expenses. If you're looking to get involved on the teaching end, you can apply here to possibly work as a developer or designer and teach the curriculum.

Apple is planning to bring the course to other countries in the future.