GM and Lyft's Express Drive rental service expanding further

Drivers in Los Angeles and Denver are next on the list to try out this unusual twist on rentals.


GM and Lyft teamed up a few months ago to bring consumers Express Drive, an atypical car rental service that basically pays you to keep driving. The program is being expanded to California and Colorado, past its initial launch in Chicago and pushes in Baltimore, Washington, DC and Boston.

Anyone in Los Angeles and Denver will soon be able to get involved in the Express Drive program, which takes an unusual approach to car rentals. The more trips you complete for Lyft while using the rental car, the less you pay as far as rental fees go. Anyone who completes 65 trips or more for the week as Lyft drivers will only be responsible for gas as well, making it pay to do the job you were already planning on doing anyway.

Available vehicles include the upcoming 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV and electric 2016 Chevrolet Volt. The program thus far has earned up to $2 million since it launched, with 30 percent of Lyft drivers in Chicago, where the program launched, requesting Express Drive vehicles to date.