Top 6 Reasons To Hire Managed IT Solution For Your Business

Managed IT Solution

Technology is fluctuating even faster than you think and it's a must to keep up with the swings to survive in the contemporary cut-throat competitive environment. However it can be challenging to manage and maintain an in-house IT team, especially for small and medium businesses. The most viable solution here is to outsource the IT support. Below are some reasons to help you think if using managed IT solution is an appropriate choice or not.

Significant savings

An average annual salary of IT manager is 30 to 40 dollars. Combine that with the recruitment cost, benefits, ongoing training to keep them updated and you have a landslide expense before you. Small businesses cannot afford IT professionals but are left with potential costs against downtimes due to technical issues resulting in productivity loss.

Solution - Hired outsourced IT solution reduces the costs of ownership and merges into a fixed payment, which allows you to budget easily.

Help when needed

Your IT needs may rise and fall, so there might not be enough task around for an IT professional in your business always. So, why put yourself in the liability of maintaining a full-time employee when you would only need him sparingly and just in certain occasions? It could be challenging too if your office space is really limited. In times of critical IT emergencies, you can always seek support from a managed IT service firm. This way, you will only pay when you would have to.

Solution – when you contact a managed IT service company, you are allowed to call their dedicated customer support desk and talk to an IT technician anytime. Professional team of technicians is always available to monitor the systems and help fix your encountered technical issues.

Add to your in-house capabilities

It would still be relevant to stay in touch with a managed IT service firm even when you have a full-time in-house IT pro. Your IT guy might be a committed expert but then again he might go on a leave or vacation at certain point of time? What if an emergency strikes when he is holidaying in Hawaii? Your business operations obviously can't wait till he returns. Or what if, a particular IT problem is beyond his reach? In such situations, only a managed IT service firm could help you.

Solution - Hiring outsourced IT solution means you have expert team just a call away, even when your own in-house employee is not by your side. Hardly every team member in a company goes on a holiday together and the company will always have at least one person to help you out in your crisis. Moreover, as these are completely IT-themed firms, all the professionals here would be seasoned and highly knowledgeable technical pros- quite capable of handling any IT issue.

Recruiting IT staff

If you think of employing IT personnel for your business, then it is necessary to recruit one with necessary skill sets. Recruitment is a time consuming, difficult and expensive process. If you are not a technical person, then getting confused with technical jargons is not uncommon. You can possibly employ a wrong person, which can be a costly mistake for the business.

Solution – It's thus better to outsource managed IT solutions from an IT firm only where you will have specialists equipped with latest qualifications, updated technical know-how and skill sets. You are relieved from the headache of recruiting the wrong person.

Concentrate on vital business matters

Time is precious and it needs to be spent on focusing on main business development activities. Worrying and resolving IT issues is the last thing you desire to waste your time on.

Solution - Hiring outsourced IT solution gives peace of mind- no stress of managing technicalities which in turn enables you to freely concentrate on business development.

Enhance staff productivity

Distributing the responsibility of IT needs among the staff may save money. However, the possibilities of employees not focusing on primary roles due to constant distraction of handling IT issues can dramatically hamper productivity.

Solution - Hiring outsourced IT solution allows your employees to get technical help instantly. Problems will diagnosed and resolved quickly, which will readily alleviate downtime. Moreover, your staff can concentrate on their main roles and be more productive.

It's great if you can afford an in-house IT pro but then it would be smarter if you make it sure to stay in touch with a managed IT service firm.