The Google Play Store family plan is reportedly ready to launch

Share your purchased apps and media with five other family members.

Late last year, Google took its first step towards letting users share their purchased media with family members. The initial foray was a family plan for Google Play Music, which let multiple family members stream music for $14.99 a month. But now, it seems that Google is going to let users share movies, TV shows, book and apps as well. According to Gizmodo, Google's family plan will let you share all media purchased from the Play Store with five other family members, though purchased music isn't part of the deal. The family "manager" will be able to control what other members can access and what they won't be able to see.

It's worth noting that while Gizmodo says this feature is live today, we haven't actually found it available on any of the Google accounts we've tried. Of course, the company often rolls out features slowly so we'll have to see when the switch is flipped for everyone. But it's not a big surprise that this feature is about to go live -- it's been rumored for several months now.

Regardless of exactly when it launches, this will put the Google Play Store more on par with Apple's App Store, which introduced family sharing a few years ago. iOS users can currently share apps, movies, TV shows, books -- and purchased music, the one big difference between Apple and Google's implementation.