Crappy smartphone 'for women' does everything wrong

Pink, condescending and vain? Check, check, check.

What's small, cute, fashion-focused and pink? The Keecoo K1 -- a smartphone 'designed for women,' of course. No, we're not kidding. The K1 is destined for the Chinese market, and is being marketed with a veritable check-list of gender stereotypes. It comes in an array of fashionable colors, features a hexagonal design to fit the "small hands of women" and boasts a front-facing selfie camera that "automatically makes your skin look delicate and smooth." That's not condescending at all.

To be fair, there is something to be said about small-form smartphones, but at the end of the day the K1 just isn't very impressive. The mid-range Android phone features a 720p 5-inch display, 2GB of RAM with 16GB of (expandable) internal storage and a 1.3GHz processor. To top it off, the phone is stuck on Android 5.1. Mediocrity with a side of sexism. Move along.