StickerRide Pays Drivers to Use Their Cars as Billboards

Uber was the first of (now) many apps where people can make a pretty decent living or get some extra bucks - all this by working as much as they want or can, at their own pace. Some people might not be comfortable driving strangers around, so could there possibly be an alternative way to earn money with your car?

That is now possible as StickerRide is entering the United States of America, beginning with Los Angeles and its booming market. This is an advertising platform and mobile app that connects brands with drivers, in order to offer targeted and efficient on-vehicle advertising.

StickerRide is the first programmatic solution for outdoor advertising market, with a total available market valued at over $20 billion. It is also the first car advertising platform with a global presence, currently being used by over 40,000 drivers worldwide, which gives it a high level of scalability. It is present in 4 countries, with plans to expand to 10 within the next year.

This company is changing the panorama of car advertising. StickerRide the first company to introduce gamification into outdoor advertising, also offering a specifically built integrated solution, consisting on a series of apps and an analytical back end, which gives advertisers an unmatched level of transparency.

That gamification consists of offering tangible rewards to the drivers, in order to increase their engagement and make them really want to publicize the brand. With this, they do so with will, instead of being mere billboards on wheels.

The analytical back end, along with other modern digital tracking tools, gives advertisers an entirely new and innovative set of tools that allows them to perform real-time campaign management and analytics. With this, they can evaluate their campaigns in the most efficient and complete way ever seen on this field.

Christian Lundgren, CEO of StickerRide in the US, commented on the importance of outdoor advertising, and how this company is revamping the car advertising panorama:

"The outdoor advertising market offers brands a unique opportunity to sidestep cluttered, noisy digital channels. In fact, IBISWorld's most recent industry report noted it provides rare access to a mass market, which is any brand's dream. Unfortunately, outdoor advertising — and on-vehicle advertising in particular — have, in many ways, been stuck in the stone ages. That is where StickerRide comes in."