Online TV On Steady Rise In The USA - Top 5 Streaming Services In Contention Now

online TV streaming

When it comes to the online TV & video scene today, USA shows the fastest rising market with elan. According to statistical reports, virtual TV streaming is to bring a whooping revenue of around $15.5 billion by 2020. More than 76% of US households have taken to video-on-demand subscription while the figure of internet TV users has been projected to rise to a grand 99.02 million shortly. It's the growing trend of time-shifted television consumption that's making all the difference today. Another big factor here is surely the steady rise of smartphones as browsing devices.

The contemporary growing bunch of internet TV users is a middle class youth niche who is high on advanced technologies, mostly smartphones. Smartphones extend the great convenience of watching favorite TV programs on the go which is not possible with the land-based fixed traditional televisions. Everybody is on the move today and hence anything that complements our mobile lifestyle would be embraced with open arms. In tune with the current trend of faster consumption of online TV, a good range of TV streaming services have become a household name.
Here is a brief review on top of them.


Unanimously regarded as the biggest online TV streaming service across America, Netflix commands enormous popularity with its bustling content of must-watch latest TV shows & movies. The best bit about Netflix is that it assures super HD visual quality. Netflix easily runs on Mac, PC, Xbox One, Apple TV as well as Windows & Android devices. And yes, you have a 30-day free trial offer.

Amazon Instant Video

Powered by Amazon, the service comes up with an extensive & premium library of movies & TV shows- teaming up with giants like Warner Bros., Viacom, Sony Corp, CBS Corp, Walt Disney Co. etc. There are both monthly & annual package.


When it comes to keeping track on the most popular TV shows from FOX, Comedy Central or NBC, the modern American digital genre is all cheer for Hulu. The service comes in 2 options- one is ad-supported free Hulu and the second one is more substantial yet tad expensive Hulu Plus.


The 3rd name is CinemaNow which offers TV shows and movies on digital rental. The users here will have a set time-period (24-48 hours) to access a specific title and after that it would be unavailable. The cool thing is that CinemaNow services are available on both Android & iOS so that you can easily catch up with your favorite TV shows while on the go. There is a free trial offer as well.

Sling TV

Sling TV assures both video-on-demand & live TV programming for the users. It supports both iOS & Android devices and you have some real affordable plans here. The coolest deal is that Sling TV extends sports programming facilities which are hardly available with its contenders.

Are you too planning to cut the cord? Well, that's great as you have so many premium options today. But make sure to get a comparative study first while investing in your online TV streaming service provider.