'Pokémon Go' gets in your face with an unofficial HoloLens demo

Augmented reality meets mixed reality.

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With Pokémon Go fever gripping the nation, it was only a matter of time before someone took the game's augmented reality features and evolved them, as it were, with VR and mixed reality. And CapitolaVR has done just that, creating a Pokémon Go-esque demo with a Microsoft HoloLens.

The HoloLens Pokémon game is just a concept at this point, but it does make for a fun YouTube video showing us what future versions of the game could look like when users stop staring at their phones and start wearing high-tech goggles as they chase down Pikachu and Charmander. Behold, the gesture-based, Poké ball-throwing future:

As Polygon points out, development of Pokémon Go HoloLens edition won't go much further than this demo, since recreating the interface has apparently proved challenging. Also, a spokesman from CapitolaVR told UploadVR that the company doesn't currently have any plants to work with Niantic Labs on a HoloLens version at this point.

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