Seagate unveils a 10TB hard drive for your home PC

You don't have to run a server to get a ton of space.

It's no longer far-fetched to buy a 10TB hard drive if you're running a server, but what if you need gobs of space for your games and 4K videos at home? Seagate has your back after today, as it's releasing a trio of 10TB drives (mainly focused on networked and surveillance storage) that include one designed for your desktop. The new Barracuda Pro doesn't do anything remarkable beyond its capacity (it's a standard 3.5-inch, 7,200RPM disk), but that still means getting a massive amount of room in a drive that's meant for a run-of-the-mill PC. Just brace yourself for the cost. Seagate pegs the 10TB Barracuda Pro's price at $535 -- it'll be tempting to settle for 'just' an 8TB disk unless you know you need as much storage as possible in a single drive bay.