Watch the first trailer for Telltale's new 'Batman' game

The first episode launches on August 2nd.

It's the Caped Crusader, but now how you've seen (or played as) him before. Telltale Games has released its first trailer for BATMAN, an adventure game series about the iconic superhero in Gotham. Unlike the well-received Arkham games by developer Rocksteady Studios, this episodic series will be focusing on the double life of Bruce Wayne and his vigilante alter ego. The trailer starts with his reliable butler, Alfred, asking Bruce to "step out of the shadows" and ensure "there is room for Bruce and Batman" inside the suit. We then see Batman taking out some thugs and catch a glimpse of the Batmobile screeching through a dimly lit street.

Telltale is known for its tight writing and difficult decisions, and it seems the new BATMAN series will be no exception. Harvey Dent (aka Two Face) is running for Mayor and some typically shady types claim their money can seal or destroy his campaign. How you interact with them and secondary characters, such as Gotham Gazette reporter Vicki Vale, seem to be at the heart of this five-part yarn. Plenty of fan favourites will be making an appearance too -- in the trailer we see Catwoman, Falcone and Commissioner Gordon, to name a few. There are plenty of Bat-gadgets too, as well as iconic locations such as the Batcave and Wayne Manor.

The first episode in the series, Realm of Shadows, will be out on August 2nd on every platform imaginable, including PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android. A disc-based version with a code for the season pass will arrive on September 13th in North America and Europe on September 16th.