Brush up on hundreds of topics with the Tinycards app

From Pokemon names to Greek gods, there's probably something on Tinycards you want to learn more about.

Plenty of people have turned to the popular language-learning app Duolingo to become well-versed in a different tongue. The company knows how to hammer knowledge into your brain. That's why it's bringing us Tinycards, a special app meant for learning a lot more than language.

Using a similar system to Duolingo, Tinycards aids you in learning things like inventions, countries or even facts about the Solar System. If the topics included with the app aren't intriguing to you, you can even create your own and eventually share them with other users. Using Tinycards is simple: You'll look at a card, memorize pieces of information, and recall them later.

Each lesson only takes a few minutes of your time, so it's perfect for quick learning on the go. For new Pokemon trainers out there with the wake of Pokemon Go, there's even a Pokemon name lesson for you to get up to speed with so you can stop asking what that "bat thing" is called or if a Raichu is a Pikachu.

Tinycards is available for free for iOS users now, and there are more topics coming down the line.