SoftBank and Honda team up for cars that can read emotions

The plan is to involve everyone's favorite life-sized robot Pepper.

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REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon
REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon
Japanese telecom company SoftBank is planning on teaming up with Honda for its latest bid for car tech: Cars that can not only talk, but also read their drivers' emotions.

Detailing their plans during a special event in Tokyo, Softbank and Honda discussed their ideas, expressing a desire for a future where Honda's cars could speak and interact with drives utilizing SoftBank's Pepper robot. The adorable bot is life-sized and would ideally be utilized when it comes to assessing drivers' speech and other data compiled via multiple sensors and cameras.

Vehicles would be given the autonomy to offer advice to drivers as well as company after assessing situations. If that sounds bizarre, think of it as having your own personal KITT in your car. With SoftBank's push into robotics and AI, it wouldn't be too far off to see additional sensors and other equipment to be entered into the "internet of things" as far as automobiles go.

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