Why Should Schools Use Bulk headphones in the classroom?

Teaching is evolving and so are the methods around it. Classrooms are becoming larger and with the technology we posses today there isn't no reason to incorporate it in day to day teaching and learning. And with each advancement comes a new understanding to the fundamentals of what works. Recently, most classrooms are switching from basic whiteboards to overheard projections and some schools are switching from textbooks to iPads. These are great for millennials since these technologies are what most of them grew up with ,but is considered to be lazy for every other generation. Like stated before college classrooms are becoming larger, and listening in on audio files that your professor sends out to you can be hard to hear depending on what type of headphones you have. Also, school libraries are relying more on bulk headphones to be used because they are harder to steal compared to pod headphones. It's surprising on how much relies on the quality of headphones you use to get your work done throughout the day. And the best type of headphones for these tasks are bulk headphones. Here are some pros and cons comparing as to why should use bulk headphones for schools and why it is better than pod headphones.

There are many reasons as to why schools should hand students bulk headphones instead of pods ,but one obvious reason is that bulk are harder to steal. Just imagine trying to sneak one of these large and loud headphones with you. Also, this can be great for installing a gps device in the headphones interior for an easy track incase a student has forgotten he/she have them. This couldn't happen with pods because they are to small. Also, bulk headphones are too hard to break and can take a lot of damage. Schools are a pretty unsanitary place and putting something foreign in your ear isn't healthy. Luckily, bulk headphones doesn't go inside of your but sits on the outer edge of your ear. This is great for preventing ear infections and irritations. Even if the bulk headphones become dirty and un-sanitized with other people earwax, cleaning them are easy and won't take no longer than 3 minutes. In comparison with pod headphones which might need to get replaced once earwax are deep inside the rims of the pods. In speaking of replacement, the longevity of bulk headphones is extraordinary they are able to last between 5-7 months at a time. They also show the least amount of wear: if properly taken cared of. And once students are done using these headphones ,since they're so big, placing them back on the shelf or rack (doesn't matter where) is as easy as picking them up. This is just the run-down of why bulk headphones are better ,but lets get into why they can be worse.

Comparing into comfortably bulk headphones can be heavy and slippery. They can cause neck and head pain. Let's say you would like to rearrange them, since their heavy demeanor, carrying more than 4 can be heavy. In addition, carrying them around your neck for long periods of times can cause unwanted neck pain. Compared to earpods, bulk headphones isn't as loud and bulk headphones tends to block off noise unlike earpods which cause little to no noise cancellation whatsoever. And bulk headphones are slippery and can fall of students heads easily ,and if they have an unusual head type this makes it worse for said students. Nevertheless, these are the only true cons compared to earpods; the comparisons should answer itself to which is better headphones or earpods.

So are bulk headphones useful in a school enviorment?

Yes, compared to earpods bulk headphones are the wiser investment for schools