Wearable tech will be everywhere at this year's Olympics

From payment rings to antimicrobial outfits, there's something for (almost) everyone.

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Wearable tech will be everywhere at this year's Olympics

It's almost time. The 2016 summer Olympics are less than a week away, with the opening ceremony scheduled for August 5th. This year's event, which runs through August 21nd, takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the organizers have reportedly struggled to prepare for the games. Whether Rio is ready or not, some of the world's best athletes will be there to compete for gold medals in just a few days. Naturally, technology will have a presence at the Olympics. That includes wearables designed to make life easier and safer for Olympians as well as others supposed to help in training. Read on in the gallery below to learn about eight different pieces of gear the athletes will be using.

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  • Visa's NFC-enabled payment ring
  • Philadelphia University's antimicrobial suit
  • Solos smart glasses
  • Nike AeroSwift and AeroBlade
  • Whoop Strap 2.0
  • Halo Sport training headphones
  • Special edition Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Watch with Samsung's Gear VR headset
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