Twitter's Olympics coverage includes live Moments and Periscope

You can also watch Vine videos and rep your homeland with hashtags.

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Much like Google, Twitter is going all-out to make itself a one-stop shop for summer Olympics coverage... and this year, there's a distinct focus on live action. The social network has revealed that there will be an Olympics-specific Moments section (shown below) that will help you keep track of your home country or individual sports as they happen, one tweet at a time. There will also be an Olympics-oriented Periscope channel -- no, you probably won't see someone broadcasting an event from their phone, but you may just get a feel for Rio de Janeiro from someone who's there.

Twitter isn't stopping there, as you might guess. You can use hashtags to trigger Olympics-related emoji (such as national flags and medals), while Vine's Explore section will have related videos. And if you happen to be visiting Rio yourself, you'll see live tweets on the city's Arcos de Lapa aqueduct. Overkill? Maybe, but there's no question that you'll know when a favorite athlete gets a podium finish.

Twitter Moments covering the Rio Olympics