Basis recalls Peak smartwatch for burn risk from overheating

The company tried to fix the issue with a software update, but it was unsuccessful.

Back in June, Basis stopped sales of its fitness-focused Peak smartwatch following reports that the wearable was overheating. Today, the company issued a recall for the device, citing the risk of burns or blisters due the device running hot. When it first acknowledged the issue, Basis said it was working on a software update that would remedy the temperature problem and urged customers not to use the wearable until a solution was in place. However, the company revealed today that "despite our best efforts," it couldn't find a fix that wasn't detrimental to the overall user experience.

If you're a Basis Peak owner, you can return the wearable and any accessories to the company for a full refund. Basis urges all customers, even those who haven't encountered any issues, to stop using the device immediately and send it back. The company will no longer support the gadget, but users will still be able to access any stored data until December 31, 2016. At that point, all Peak services will shut down, so the watch won't sync and it will become unusable. For more information on the recall, Basis set up a support site to guide customers through the process.