'Pokémon Go' battery saver mode will return to iOS soon

And the game is now available in Central & South America -- just in time for Rio 2016.

Reuters/Toru Hanai

Day by day Niantic Labs keeps tweaking its incredibly popular game, and now Pokémon Go is rolling out to players across Central and South America. No matter where you're trying to catch 'em all, if you're on iOS you can expect the"battery saver" mode to return in the next several days. According to a Facebook post it was pulled because of bugs, but now that they're fixed it's coming back.

Also, if you were wondering about supposed sightings of Legendary Pokémon Articuno, Niantic says it was real but "erroneous" and the monster has been revoked from those trainer's accounts. Otherwise, new features and fixes are still on the way, but continuing the game's worldwide rollout is more of a priority and will probably continue before we see any other rare items pop up. Of course, players also want to know if the 3-step detection legend will return, or access for third-party trackers, but we suspect that's also on the backburner as developers work to keep the game up and running smoothly.