Internet Archive adds 10,000 Amiga games and applications

But it’s unclear how many were previously available.

Bettmann / Getty Images

With zero fanfare, the Internet Archive uploaded a new collection of software last week from the Amiga, a mid-80s personal computer famous for its impressive-for-the-time game graphics. The new collection is no tidy sum, either, with over 10,000 games, applications and demos. Whether this is the first time these items have shown up on the archive is uncertain, but should you want to relive a golden age of personal computer gaming, head over and play them straight from your browser.

Some of the classic titles like Bubble Bobble and R-Type have already been added to the archive, but notably for other platforms, as in this lower-resolution Sega Master Drive version of the latter game. If you want to play games exactly as the Amiga ran them, this is your ticket. But it's unclear how many of them were previously available, even in that specific computer format, as at least one 2013 story mentions the archive's 30GB trove of games and applications for the "Amiga Commodore." Yet that piece points readers interested in downloading toward an endless directory list of software, so it's probably far easier on the eyes to parse through the newly-uploaded collection if you're hunting down a particular digital curio.