Google Now toying with 'Explore Interests' personalization

It’s still experimental, so don't expect it coming to your phone any time soon.

Android Police

Google Now automatically caters results to your prior searches, but manual customization of what it serves up is a little clunky. You can either toggle fields of interest on and off in the service's settings or click a box on cards or news sources to indicate your future disinterest. But now the tech titan is testing out a more active method to tell the predictive service what you'd like to see with "Explore Interests." Just don't expect it to come out any time soon, as Google has "nothing to announce" at this time, a spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Initial screenshots provided to Android Police show a standard array of topics in a grid, including Movies, TV, Sports, Stocks and so on. Presumably, the photos suggest, you can delve deep into subcategories to indicate which niches you're particularly keen to be updated about. There's also a nice localization feature that shows what topics are "Popular In Your Area." Whether this is the feature's final look and feel is unknown, but it's clear that Google's looking closer at giving users more control over what topics crop up in search results.