Instagram could soon be rolling out a 'Save Draft' feature

The ability to go backward in the editing process would certainly be welcome.

Carl Court/Getty Images

If you're an avid Instagram user, you know it can sometimes take a few tries before you come up with the perfect post. But as it stands right now, if you back out of a screen in the app, you'll lose any image edits. Instagram is changing this by introducing a feature you may soon be using extensively: "Save Draft."

Only a few Instagram users are able to take advantage of the new "Save Draft" option just yet, though it seems additional users are seeing it pop up as the month goes by. Right now the company has confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature is indeed "just an experiment" for right now, but that doesn't discount it popping back up again in the future as part of an update in the future or something to that effect.

Despite the excitement surrounding the test, it seems that unfortunately drafts aren't in the cards definitively just yet, but Instagram is watching, and gauging the reaction to them, no doubt. So keep an eye out. It could be happening soon.