Facebook launches guided tours for 360-degree videos

So viewers won't miss their best parts.

When you explore 360-degree videos on Facebook like you're supposed to, you could miss crucial moments happening outside your POV. The social network's new "Guide" tool for Pages, however, can make sure you see the best, funniest and most compelling parts. Now, when publishers upload a 360-degree video, they can enable the feature and highlight points of interest simply by pausing and clicking "+ Add Point." It will then be on by default, and the video will automatically swivel to show you those highlighted scenes. It's like having a tour guide pointing out the most interesting sights to see to a bunch of overwhelmed tourists.

You'll know that it's active if you see the word "Auto" on the right side of the video -- if you want to switch it off and be able to pan around on your own, you only have to tap that indicator. Facebook has begun rolling out the feature today, and you can expect to encounter more and more guided videos as it becomes available to all Pages these coming weeks.