Becoming The Sports Reporter from Home - How ClutchPoints Is Changing How Sports Is Reported

Reporting on sports is limited to a number of exclusive groups. First of all, you have the teams themselves reporting it on their official sites. Then you have the various news outlets giving live feedback on their sites. Beyond that you're stuck with SMS messages from your friends in the crowd. The problem with this is you can't cover all the angles. And in the case of the news outlets and sports teams it's heavily sanitized.

ClutchPoints, the live sports reporting and discussion app, is putting you in the position of sports reporter. Now you can follow the news and events of games from your fellow fans as they happen.

As Rio 2016 gets underway and the new NFL season is on the horizon, you'll be able to keep your fingers on whatever's happening at the time alongside your fellow fans.

The Sterility of Sports from Home

One thing that has always plagued sports fans is they're unable to feel what it's like to be at the game. When you're stuck in traffic or working overtime the best you can do is keep updated on the current situation on the NBA website or some other reputable news provider. They will give you the basic facts and nothing more.

There's none of that emotional investment that you would normally enjoy from actually attending the game or watching it live at home. You're not with your friends and you're not debating the big issues of the game.

It's sterile and ClutchPoints is looking to change that. This is one of the few frontiers of sports that have yet to be fully explored because it's all within the hands of ordinary sports fans.

So What's the Alternative?

ClutchPoints has created an app that brings the best of real-time chat and Reddit to allow users to provide insight and commentary from the games. You'll be able to search through a list of threads from the comfort of your smartphone and tablet on the go. It'll be there just in time for the opening game of the NFL season as the Broncos take on the Panthers in a replay of last year's Super Bowl.

And it's happening right as the news breaks, so you can enjoy the best of the emotional reactions people have. You'll be able to feel like you're at the game, even though you could be toiling away in the office alone.

A New Way Too Express Yourself

But simply writing a message to someone is no better than actually sending an SMS to a buddy, right? This is something that already exists because a number of companies have already created apps that allow sports fans to talk to each other. And there are more than enough forums online for people to connect with each other.

That's why this app is different. You can add memes, images, and practically any other piece of content you want to express yourself. To further differentiate this app from other similar products on the market, you're still taking advantage of ClutchPoints at the same time.

Try it and you'll still be following all the action as the drama of Rio 2016 plays out, including the epic showdown between Usain Bolt and Justin Gatling.

Why this is Necessary Today

People often don't consider the world of today. The 21st century is one where people are switched on all the time, with young people spending up to seven-and-a-half hours in front of a screen per day. The days where people could easily sit in front of the TV after finishing their shift at work are long gone. People are used to being able to access content from anywhere whenever they like. It's why products like Netflix have had such success recently.

ClutchPoints will allow you to stay in touch with what's going on in the NBA, and later in other sports. Take the finals of last season between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers as an example. If you worked a stressful job the chances are you wouldn't be able to sit down for all seven games.

But if you had this app, you would have been able to track every point and feel like you were at the game because of the 360-degree coverage. It's a far superior option than Googling the score and seeing only a couple of numbers on the screen, or even worse recording the game and risking someone giving you a spoiler.

With people more mobile than ever it's never been more important to have a connection like this to your favorite team.

Last Word – Improving the Experience

This app is set to enhance the ClutchPoints experience even more, with people being able to tune into Rio 2016 and the start of the 2016/17 NFL season. On a wider basis it's the pushing forward of a frontier that has long been neglected by sports reporters. The power is in the hands of the fans, the people who really matter when it comes to sports.

What would you like to see from this app?