Next PS4 update won't interrupt your gameplay with UI

Beta begins tomorrow.

If Monday's are a struggle for you, console yourself with the fact that Sony's teasing a few of tomorrow's big PS4 firmware beta update features, which includes a significant UI refresh. Pop-up notifications, new system icons and backgrounds, and a few other tweaks promise to bring the dashboard up to date, and the Quick Menu system has also been overhauled to, well, actually be of use. It also won't cover the whole screen any more, which was never very convenient.

Hitting the Share button on your controller is also a bit less of a time-suck too -- it'll remember the last network you shared to and has support for clips of a little over two minutes. 140 seconds versus the previous 10 seconds.

Version 4 is a significant across-the-board upgrade that puts more emphasis on Trophies and achievements, as well as aiming at making frequently accessed options that little bit more useful.

Perhaps the best update also sounds like one of the most boring, though: you'll be able to create folders on the content launcher and in your library, so you can keep better track of what you own. There's also a new tab called Purchased Content, aimed at decluttering your library.

Of course, to get these features from the beta rollout date tomorrow, you need to be registered for the public program and selected as a tester -- and it's too late to apply now. Everyone else just has to wait.