The best tech for honor students

Everything you need for a late-night library session.

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Look, not everyone is cut out for late nights of drinking and playing DJ for groups of frat kids. Some would prefer to campout in the library until the wee hours of the morning studying and poring over notes and lectures. Of course, the days of pen, paper and microfiche are pretty much over at this point. You need powerful, digital tools like an Evernote subscription to help organize all your notes from class. And there's nothing like a solid voice recorder to document all those early morning classes before you're fully caffeinated. Of course you'll also need the basics, like a backpack and a laptop. But, you might also want to invest in a portable energy light to help keep you awake and fight off bouts of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) when you're spending 90 percent of your day indoors. Check out the gallery below for all our best bookworm picks and make sure to check out our full Back-to-School Guide right here.

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  • Back to School 2016: Honor Student
  • SSD2go PKT
  • MacBook Pro with Retina display
  • MOVE Bluetooth headphones
  • Kindle Voyage
  • Echo Smartpen Pro
  • GoLITE BLU energy light
  • ICD PX333 voice recorder
  • Energi+ backpack
  • Cintiq 13HD Touch
  • Notebook 9 (15-inch)
  • Evernote Premium subscription
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