Grovemade and Joey Roth team up on wooden desktop speakers

The Portland-based industrial designer has moved on from porcelain to tackle maple and walnut.

Grovemade has a knack for crafting tech accessories out of wood. For its latest product, the company teamed up with designer Joey Roth on a set of desktop speakers that are made from that natural material. You might remember Roth's ceramic speakers from a few years back, among a collection of other audio and industrial designs. This time around, Roth lent his expertise to Grovemade's Speaker System: a pair of speakers with a horn design and 2-inch drivers that's paired with a 2x25W amplifier. The speakers are made from solid maple and walnut to complete the look of the fully analog audio setup.

Working with wood is the key element to Grovemade's overall product line. Whether it's an iPhone case or a keyboard tray, the company knows a thing or two about working with the natural materials. For its Speaker System, each shell is machined in-house from a solid piece of hardwood with a hand from Autodesk's Fusion 360 software. The pieces are then assembled with epoxy, sanded down to their final shapes and given two coats of oil to seal the wood. Stainless steel stands are covered in leather to mask any exposed hardware and giving the round speakers some solid footing for your desk or on a shelf.

Grovemade touts "an acoustically rich sound" that does justice to lows, mids and highs without the help of digital signal processing. If you want to put that claim to the test, you'll have to hand over $599 for the walnut set and $499 for maple option. You won't have to wait to grab a set though, as both are available now via the source link below.