Top 4 Blood Pressure Monitoring Apps

Blood Pressure Monitoring Apps

Cardiac arrests account for majority of deaths across the world today and one of the principal factors abetting the menace is surely a high BP. Needless to mention, a regular monitoring of blood pressure is of utmost importance to keep check on further health problems. Higher BP always puts unwanted excess strain on heart, leading to clogged arteries and finally a fatal heart attack. The evil of aggravated BP might also mean stroke, dementia or kidney issues. However, the cool deal is that there are several blood pressure monitoring apps today that will enable you to keep tab on your BP level, right from your regular smartphone.

Blood Pressure Monitor- Family Lite

A highly rated iOS BP monitoring app, Family Lite is free to install. The app will enable the users to details on food and medications taken. Based on the entered details, the app will track the user's BP, blood sugar as well as weight- assuring a comprehensive health data to get you a vivid picture of your health & medical correlation. You can even email that data to your physician for his inputs and suggestions. It's a breeze to use and the graphical display of the data guarantee easy data visualization.

Blood Pressure Companion

Bustling with a stellar rating of 5 on 5 stars, the list would be incomplete without the mention of Blood Pressure Companion. Renowned as one of the best apps for robust heart health, the app enables the user a convenient track of BP & heart rate. The best bit about this app is that it benefits the user with test reminder so that you never forget on your regular BP checks. The data collected will offer you with valuable insights on the state of your BP level over time. Such readings will further enable your doctor to take informed decisions on your medications and relevant treatments.

Smart Blood Pressure Tracker

The app works for both Android and iPhone users. The Smart Blood Pressure Tracker is designed to track & keep an account of both diastolic and systolic blood pressure and will also check your pulse rate. In case, you are on the mission to lose your excess pounds, you can take help of the bonus BMI tracker -that will enlighten you on the ideal weight as per your age and height. If you are down with hypertension issues or are prone to develop those, Smart Blood Pressure Tracker would be a great help anyday. The app comes with interactive charts that enable the users to pinpoint the specific issues easily for a convenient share with their doctors.

Blood Pressure Watch

This is another highly recommended blood pressure checking app which enables you to keep tab on your BP level right from your smartphone. The application is equipped to gather, track, analyze as well as share the user's BP record. Added to blood pressure, the app can also keep track of your pulse rate and weight. You can set your reminder here which will alert you on your next BP check, preventing any risk of unmindfully skipping out on a timely tracking. You can share the recorded data via dropbox, Google Drive and email. The app further shows stats & analytics so that you can checkout the trends, the worst & best average statistics on your BP reading over time. Another interesting bit about Blood Pressure Watch is that it also allows you to manage the BP records for family members & friends.

All the apps mentioned above are trusted by both experts and users. No need of doctor visits for a mere BP check as these apps assure complete monitoring of your blood pressure right at your fingertips.