Adult Swim is publishing 'ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove'

After a successful Kickstarter, the cult classic Genesis game is getting another sequel.

Adult Swim Games is stepping in to publish an all-new ToeJam and Earl game 25 years after the original made its Sega Genesis debut.

It's called ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove, and the titular aliens find themselves returning to Earth after ToeJam borrows the Rapmaster Rocketship from Lamont for an intergalactic joyride. While orbiting our planet ToeJam has Earl bump the sound system, presses the wrong button, and they crash land on Earth. Great job, guys. They find themselves teaming up with some well-meaning (but kind of strange) humans so they can get back home.

From the teaser trailer, it's pretty clear developer Humanature Studios is sticking to what worked with the original game and its subsequent sequels with a hip-hop lilt and groovy-looking levels. It's funky, alright, and old school fans should agree it looks like it has that certain something that made the first game so memorable.

The game's coming to PC and console in 2017, but if you're at PAX West, you'll be able to check out a demo for yourself.