Amazon Fire TV update gives you much wider voice search

You can also control Amazon Video with your voice, and get home screen recommendations for Netflix and HBO.

Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

Amazon's Fire TV devices just became much more useful if you prefer to talk to your media hub. An update rolling out to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick gives you dramatically improved search: you can now use voice to search over 75 apps and services, including Netflix and (soon) HBO Now. If the show you're looking for is available on multiple services, you'll see all your choices. And if you're content with watching Amazon Video, you're still getting an upgrade. You now have voice control of playback with Amazon's service, so you can skip to your favorite Transparent scene without using the fast forward button.

There's more. Much like on Apple TV, you can get game scores and other sports updates with a voice command -- you'll have to specify your favorites, but you won't have to disrupt your show to get the scoop. And don't worry if you're not a fan of speaking to a set-top box, as there's one big update for you as well. The Fire TV home screen has added personalized recommendations for both Netflix and HBO to help you find something new to watch. All told, your Fire TV gear should spare you a lot of button clicks.