Xbox One update preview shows off new social features

Both Looking for Group and Clubs will be available today.

Updated ·2 min read

Clubs and Looking for Group features are being rolled out to Preview members on Xbox One today and then the Xbox app on Windows 10, iOS and Android devices in the near future. Both features were originally announced during E3 2016, but now there's a chance to actually try them out in the wild.

Clubs are exactly what they sound like: Groups created and managed by players meant to foster a sense of community among anyone getting together to play a certain game. Anyone can create or join different Clubs, and you can create one for nearly anything, such as a group for your inner circle of friends to best each other at Halo or something of that nature.

Club members can coordinate parties, play games, communicate via voice and text chat and share content across the Club together. All Clubs for a specific game will be grouped together in the Game Hub. If you've got a unique name in the hopper for one you want to put together, you'll want to go ahead and grab it if you're in the Preview because there can only be one with the same name.

Similarly, Looking for Group will assist you in finding someone to play with. You can create your own LFG post with requirements such as the game you need help with, how many people you require, rules, and other types of prerequisites you want to set to make the experience as pleasant as possible. You can browse other LFG requests to see if there's anyone you want to join in and assist as well.

In addition to Clubs and Looking for Group becoming available today, the Gamerscore Leaderboard for Xbox One and Windows 10 app has been improved to display results for a 30-day rolling period. Plus, emojis are coming to the Xbox One's virtual keyboard. When communicating with Clubs or others in Groups, you can utilize various emojis with a special keyboard of them.

More details on the online tournament Arena will be coming soon, but for now these updates should tide Xbox One owners over with new social options. Now get out there and make some Clubs for us to join.